High Quality Growing Medium100% Organic & NaturalQuality is Our Motto

High Quality Growing Medium

Has high air filled porosity and very good soil conditioner.Stores and releases nutrients over extended periods of time.

100% Organic & Natural

Raw material used for coir products, is 100 % natural, biodegradable and eco friendly product.

Quality is Our Motto

We make efficient and time bound deliveries with the support of our well-connected network.

Coir Coco Peat

Coco peat is also known as Coir pith block, coir pith or coir dust which is available in blocks is made from coconut husks, which are the by-products of…

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Coco Peat Palletized

Coir dust or coir pith is a by product gained during extraction of Coir fibre from coconut husk. It is purely a natural organic product. Coir dust composted or old mulched >Read More

Coconut Coir Fiber

We engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Coir Fiber. These categories comprise products such as Bristle Coir Fiber, Natural Coir Fiber, Brown Coir Fiber, White Coir Fiber and…

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Baled Coir Fiber

We are offering best quality assortment of Coir Fiber Bale. This Coir Fiber Bale is extracted from coconut. Our product range is widely used in fabrication of mats, bags,…

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